Only Way Online was launched in 2015 after Neil Sheth (the founder) came across many of the pitfalls businesses encounter when driving traffic, bookings and sales online.

One of Neil’s first ventures online was offering event entertainment services for Corporate and Private parties in some of the most prestigious Hotels in London. His online marketing campaign included a combination of SEO and Social Media to drive customers online and Email Marketing to keep in touch with customers and stay top of mind.

Neil then went onto launch a luxury gift store and a high end private travel company in London online.

With a few fingers in different pies, Neil decided to enlist the help of digital marketing and social media agencies in London to help him scale his online marketing.

But he found a few problems with the agencies he spoke to: they did not take the time to understand the details of his businesses, the strategies were generic and there was a lack of emphasis on creating quality relationships online. Neil therefore did not trust that they would market his business as if it were their own.

That’s when he decided to create his own team to implement his digital marketing campaigns. After doing this for a few years and training and consulting other businesses, the idea of Only Way Online was born.

You can follow Neil on Instagram or his personal blog, Your Brand Found.

Only Way Online

There’s 3 areas at the heart of our social media marketing campaigns:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy – understanding your target audience, the details of your business and industry landscape to define a digital marketing strategy that drives website traffic and wins customers over whilst protecting business resources.
  • Content Marketinghigh quality content requires strategic planning, design and creation and promotion. This includes content for your blog, other websites in your industry or social media. Quality content gives you the ability to build relationships with customers and industry influencers at scale and drive highly relevant traffic to your website.
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution – it’s more than likely your target audience hangs out on a social media platform and is a great way of keeping the conversation going. Our philosophy is to choose one and do it very well. That’s why we specialise in Instagram Marketing.

Neil’s personal experience in many different areas of online business and marketing has allowed him to compile a comprehensive list of digital marketing services, collectively known as the Your Brand Found package, that not only increases the online visibility of your business but also encourages new website visitors to like and trust you which leads to more bookings and profitability.

Neil is very much at the forefront of the business. He provides the one-to-one consultations himself, allowing business owners to take advantage of all of his experience and knowledge; not only about building a successful business online but how to keep that business active and successful in an ever expanding online marketplace.

It is Neil’s vision, combined with a wealth of personal experience that brought Only Way Online to life. It has grown from humble beginnings into a valuable resource for businesses the world over. He is passionate about helping small and medium sized hospitality and food based businesses reach their full potential and fulfil the dreams of their founders.

The first step is to get in touch, and discuss what your personalised digital marketing strategy would look like.

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