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Case Study #1: SalesITV

Issues at Hand

As a leader in face to face sales coaching and online sales training, SalesITV were keen to expand their online presence to a wider audience. To achieve this aim they needed to create an upturn in organic web traffic, especially from international visitors. This increase in traffic would subsequently result in the generation of more primary sales leads from an international marketplace.

Action Taken

A new inbound marketing strategy was developed which would allow for the identification of their primary target audience. A content creation strategy was also implemented to ensure that their web presence was consistently fresh and engaging to this newly identified audience. Plus, a comprehensive SEO campaign was undertaken to ensure all relevant keywords and phrases were being utilised effectively.

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Case Study #2: River Pools

Issues at Hand

Affected badly by the 2008 recession, River Pools a leisure pool construction company needed to develop an effective marketing plan in order to survive. They realised certain existing business practices had to be changed, such as their reliance on more traditional marketing methods in the form of direct mailing operations and expensive television and radio advertising campaigns. It became increasingly apparent that in order to survive a new, strong online presence was required which would allow them to tap into a new market and greatly increase the awareness of their brand.

Action Taken

The primary target audience for the company was identified and a new online presence created. With the focus on content creation the new website was both appealing and engaging to this newly identified audience. In order to attract this new audience the website was optimised to engage both visitors and search engines alike.

Case Study #3: Modative Architects

Issues at Hand

Modative, a modern architecture company were having difficulty attracting new customers. Problems identified included a heavy reliance on word of mouth advertising for new sales leads. An over reliance on business cards, as well as a poorly performing website were largely to blame for the low number of primary sales leads being generated. Plus, previously badly managed advertising campaigns had proven to be an expensive waste of valuable resources.

Action Taken

A new marketing strategy was put into place. The new strategy focussed entirely upon online marketing. A primary target audience was identified and the company website was redeveloped to increase the levels of organic web traffic from this new audience. The new website was fully optimised in order to engage search engines as well as visitors, and the addition of a blog to the site allowed the company to engage with their audience through the addition of regular fresh content.

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