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What Is Content Marketing?

When you hear, “Content Marketing”, you might be thinking it means “blogging”, right?

Well blogging is part of it, but content marketing is much more.

Content marketing is all about attracting and acquiring new customers by creating and promoting content your target audience values.

Your content could be in the format of an article, video, infographic, podcast, power content or an image. It also doesn’t necessarily need to be for your website.

By understanding your target audience, and the problems your business helps them solve, we put content marketing at the centre of your online strategy.

Content That Builds Trust With Your Customers

Your first interaction with potential customers online is your content.

You will come across three scenarios of potential customers online:

Awareness: Visitors who don’t know what they want, but they know they know they may need your help

Consideration: Visitors who know what they want but don’t know if you’re right for them

Decision: Visitors who have a good idea of your service and need to make a decision of the company to choose from.

This is an introduction to the buyer’s journey.

By considering each stage of the buyer’s journey when creating content, our London based content marketing agency helps you to build relationships with customers online and drives more bookings for your business.


Content Marketing and SEO Are Good Friends

We’re a Content comes first, SEO Agency in London and that’s why our Content Marketing is very powerful! (sorry we’re a humble bunch but have to boast from time to time).

When done right, content marketing can help you get found in Search (e.g. Google).

For instance, by looking at what your target audience are asking and searching for online, we can create valuable content around these topics and apply SEO strategies to help them get found in search.

What’s better than being right in front of your customers who are searching for information or services related to your business?

That’s why Content Marketing and SEO are like two peas in a pod.

Been a pleasure working with Neil, he has consistently delivered more customers to my business. Thanks!


Director, Aztech Events

CASE STUDY: Using Content To Build Trust and Relationships With Customers


Chocolate Fountain company noticed a drop in Google rankings for searches in London. They didn’t know where to start.


After getting into the weeds of their analytics, we knew we needed to make the following four changes to improve the customer’s ability to build trust with their visitors and rank higher in Google:

1. Created and connected the site to a Facebook page

2. Improved site copy by talking about the customers’s history

3. Added a video of their service

4. Optimised their website for SEO

5. Secured business features on other relevant authority sites.


Number of visitors increased by 64% and sales increased by 54%.


“Been a pleasure working with Neil, he has consistently delivered more customers to my business. Thanks!” – Peter

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