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Who” Is Behind Your Brand?

As the digital age develops, it is even more important for customers to know who is behind the companies they buy from.

No matter how BIG or small.

There is no shortage of choice online and that’s why it’s crucial your business connects with your target customer.

What better way to do that than Instagram.

With 300 million active users and 95 million images and videos shared everyday, you can be sure your target customer and industry influencers are using it every day.

Our Instagram Marketing Agency service starts with understanding your business, culture and people to create the right strategy that ultimately builds your brand online and connects you with your ideal customers.

Start playing the BRAND game, not the price game.

You Need Multiple Touchpoints To Build Relationships and Sell Online 

Your website is your central hub which helps you to start driving enquiries and sales online.

A website alone though is not going cut mustard for your business. It’s the minimum expectation to having a presence online and is not going to deliver growth by itself.

The fact is, your website is one touchpoint customers have with you online and you need more.

Your business has the ability to be in more places than one online to reduce the sales cycle, so why not make the most of it. Especially when you know your potential customers hang out there.

Chances are your target audience is using Instagram.

Sharing your expertise and getting to know your customers on Instagram is how you create another touchpoint with your customers and keep that conversation going.

It’s a like networking. How many do you need to attend before you really get to know the group?

It’s no different online.

Having multiple touchpoints with your customers online is how they get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Content and Engagement Strategy

Your business story is unique and we want to share with the world on Instagram that is authentic to your brand.

That’s why we start with fully understanding your business and market before developing a content and engagement strategy for you.

The aim of our strategy is three fold:

1. DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS with your target audience on Instagram.

2. Keep your EXISTING CUSTOMERS DELIGHTED and turn them into fans. (Who better to help your business grow than your existing customers).

3. INCREASE CONVERSIONS of leads and enquiries into sales.

Once we’re both happy with the strategy, we design branded samples posts for your review and approval. It’s important your brand stands out online and is memorable and that’s our objective with your samples.

As soon as we’ve agreed the look and feel, we begin to plan out the right workflow with you to ensure consistency of image flow for your account. (Note: if you need us to help with photography, we do provide additional Instagram services).

Getting your business out there on Instagram is fun and we like to partner with the businesses we work with and enjoy the fun together.

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