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At Only Way Online we specialise in bringing you more customers by taking charge of your entire online marketing and coherently creating, optimizing, nurturing and engaging with new customers all over the web.We excel at identifying your audience, creating smart messages and finding opportunity for the perfect ‘message-market’ match.

Sometimes, however, we know that our Full Inbound Plan might be out of reach for you. Perhaps it is too expensive or much more than what you actually need in your business. Maybe you are already in control of your marketing and would like an injection of expert advice from an internet marketing consultant, and direction in specific areas or from time to time.

That’s what the Rent My Brain session offers.

Rent My Brain is perfect for you…

  • If you are a business that has a good handle on your current marketing, but would like the expert or outsider perspective to fill the gaps and push you ahead with your online marketing strategy.
  • If you have an existing offline or physical brick-and-mortar business with no online presence, and you are ready to make the move online.
  • If you have an online presence with very little success and you’re looking to figure out how to turn it around.

Here’s just a few ways you could use a Rent My Brain session:

  • Create a tailor made three month marketing plan.
  • Get recommendations for improving your website.
  • Get feedback on your SEO strategy and learn how to improve your plan.
  • Get online marketing advice to create more buzz for your upcoming events.
  • Create epic content that gets shared, draws in traffic and helps grow your expertise to press like this.
  • Discover how best to use social media as part of your strategy and which profiles you should use to engage your audience with.


Take advantage of a Rent My Brain session with Neil Sheth, founder of Only Way Online, right away. Once you click the “Book A Session” button you will need to make your payment of £199. You will then be sent a simple questionnaire to complete which will help Neil best prepare for your session.

Neil will take the time to research your business, your critical problems or challenges and then collate his best advice and suggestions for you.

You will then have your Rent My Brain session with Neil to dissect your challenges, discuss your business objectives and goals and use his advice and guidance to help you move beyond your challenges and achieve your goals. Be sure to take copious notes as you will no doubt leave with a confident plan of action.

Note: Rent My Brain sessions are currently one-off bookings with Neil. It is possible to also use these as regular consultation sessions on a monthly retainer. You can discuss this on your initial Rent My Brain session, or get in touch for more details.


There is nothing like an internet marketing consultant’s perspective to inject excitement, strategy and direction into your marketing plan or online business launch plan. Book your session today and be prepared with an open mind to explore the endless possibilities of online business success.

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