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Putting Your Best Online Foot Forward

First step to doing SEO, is by getting your website ready for your target audience.

You thought we were going to say, “optimise your website for SEO”, right? Well, that’s part of it, but nowadays SEO is much more.

That’s how our SEO services in London differ from our competitors.

We don’t want to attract more people to visit you online, if they don’t want to enquire or buy from you. That’s why we spend time getting to know your potential customers and ensuring everything on your site from copy, content, navigation, images, speed, etc, leads to an AMAZING user experience.

Good User Experience = Search Engines Valuing Your Website.

Question: Why would Google recommend a website that people leave immediately?

Answer: They wouldn’t.

Sharing Your Story and Expertise

Next, by understanding your audience and the type of information they search for we know exactly what you need to write about and share.

Enter, Content Marketing.

It’s all about sharing your story and expertise on your own website as well as other authority sites to Attract, Build Trust and Relationships with your target audience.

When done right, content marketing helps you to build those precious highly relevant links to your website.

The end result is a content marketing and link building plan that establishes your business online and gets you in front your target audience.

Online PR Is How You Do Competitive SEO

Using our knowledge of your target audience and now your business, we help you to get in front of the right influencers, featured in the right places and promote your content through targeted outreach, social media and paid ads.

Sharing your expertise online is how we help you to build relationships, grow your social media and ultimately boost your SEO rankings.

Have you noticed something? You came here to see how you can get higher up in Search Engines, but we’re talking about much more.

Because when SEO is done the right way, it looks a lot like doing Online PR.  Online PR can lead to traffic from a number of different sources, for example: direct traffic from websites you have been featured on, industry influencers talking about your content, social media going crazy (in a good way) about your business and more.

SEO, Content Marketing, Social and Paid Ads should all work together in harmony to achieve a strong online presence.

I’ve known Neil for a while and what I admire most is his integrity. If you work with Neil he will present a plan and that will take your business forward. He considers carefully and he will make sure you understand the plan and the expected outcome. Neil is a professional marketer and will not let you down.


Founder, Futons

CASE STUDY: New Enquiries Within 1 Month of Launch Of New Brand Online Using SEO Website Optimisation and Digital PR


A London travel experiences company was due to launch their new service and wanted to hit the ground running with SEO with their new website.


Conducted a deep understanding of the business and their target audience to drive an optimal website architecture for SEO and User experience. This included:

1. Target audience mapping and research

2. Competitor analysis

3. Keyword research

4. Business gap analysis and opportunity recommendations

5. Website architecture recommendations

6. Website design and development

7. Website copy planning and creation

8. Website SEO and User experience optimisation

9. Digital PR: content creation and placement on highly relevant websites


New enquiries received organically using SEO before official launch of their new website validating the market research and website optimisation work carried out (on site). Giving them a strong online foundation to then build upon on the digital promotion work carried out (off site).


“Very impressed with Only Way Online’s SEO service, which is a lot less technical than I assumed and was more focused around our business, goals and customers. They kept us informed along the way and we were not expecting to start receiving enquiries let alone ranking as quickly as we did. Thank you so much.” – Mehul

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