Social Media Training and Consulting For Your Marketing Team

When it comes to growing a brand online and driving direct bookings, there’s a whole host of strategies and tactics you could do.

But, where do you start?

Starting with, what social media platform do you know post on? (hint: we only do Instagram!)

Or what do you blog about? Is blogging even worth the time? (hint: we love blogging!)

How do you know what you’re doing currently online is right for your business? That’s where we come in.

We’re not only good at what we do, we absolutely love it! We tend to geek out at this stuff and who knows you might be geeking out with us.

Instagram Marketing Training

Build Your Community And Grow Your Business On  Instagram (full day)

We train your team to take control of your social media by designing an Instagram content strategy that is in line with your brand voice, appeals to your target market and gets your business noticed on Instagram. Maybe even become Insta famous!

We help take you from thinking about what images and videos to post next, to strategically planning your content and monitoring engagement to make necessary adjustments for business growth.

What Will You Learn?

  • Defining your Instagram objectives
  • Identifying your target audience and the core of your Instagram messaging
  • Setting up and optimising your Instagram profile
  • Finding opportunities to use Instagram Stories and Live streaming for your brand
  • How to create a Content and Engagement strategy that¬†uses a good mix of images, videos and stories?
  • How to use hashtag and find the ones right for your business?
  • How To Stand Out From Your Competitors On Instagram.
  • Creating your Instagram publishing calendar and how to avoid feeling pressured by it
  • Cool Instagram shortcuts and hacks that you’ll love
  • Get your mobiles out and get familiar with Instagram’s features
  • Know what to post, when and manage your overall campaign like a pro
  • Overview of recommended tools to measure Instagram analytics
  • Reading and gaining insights from Instagram analytics to improve your overall Instagram awesomeness
  • Learn our favourite Insta hacks that double your Instagram presence

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Instagram sent us a bunch of gifts, which left Neil Sheth with no choice but to post an unwrapping gift video.

Content Marketing Training

Create Your Own Blog Strategy (full day)

We help you to identify your readers and what their interested in hearing about. After describing your buyer persons we help you to create a 6 month blog calendar that you can be confident about.

What Will You Learn?

  • Identifying your buyer audience
  • Why so many businesses fail at content marketing
  • How to establish what your audience wants you to write about
  • How to find content that has historically performed well
  • How to find content ideas using SEO keyword research
  • Optimising your content for SEO
  • How to Create a 6 month content calendar for your business (two topics per month)

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Get Your Content Found (SEO) In Google (full day)

Learn how to create content that Google likes and more importantly, wants to show on Google page 1. If you’re blogging regularly and not seeing your efforts translate into more traffic and bookings then there’s a good chance you could do with some SEO knowledge.

Did you know businesses who DON’T KNOW SEO, but are blogging consistently are already doing a large part of SEO, without knowing it. Now, by doing some targeted SEO, you can finally get your audience to find and read your amazing content.

What Will You Learn?

  • The 3 building blocks to SEO
  • 4 fundamental SEO rules you need to know
  • How to identify SEO keywords that are right for your website
  • How to write good quality content Google loves
  • Case study of quality content and authentic promotion to rank in Google (includes step by step)
  • How to optimise your blog posts for SEO without impacting user experience
  • Content promotion strategies that drive direct traffic whilst indirectly giving you an SEO boost
  • Using Google Analytics and Console to review the performance of your content

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Really helpful and insightful, made me think about other ways in which I can use social media to increase awareness of the brands and engagement.

Ellie Burrell

Marketing Manager

Neil came and presented to our Marketing Team for half a day and gave a very insightful presentation, set our team some really great tasks and generally gave us the content lift that we needed.

D&D London

Marketing Manager

Thought the session was insightful and allowed time for reflection on how best to use Instagram.

Layla Mohammad

Marketing Manager

Great, really good to take time to put some method to the madness.


Marketing Manager

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