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Websites Designed To Build Relationships & Increase Customers

There’s two key reasons why your business needs a website:

  1. Build relationships with new and existing customers
  2. Increase Bookings, Reservations and Profitability

Creating the best looking website in your industry is easy.

It’s a lot harder to attract the right type of person and encouraging them to become a customer and even a long term social media fan.

That’s why we put marketing and knowing your target customer ahead of design.

Our goal for your new website is to be of service to people visiting your website akin to that diners would expect of waiters in a restaurant. This is how we turn visitors into customers.

Think Beyond Your Design

To help shape the goals of your new website we start by reviewing and understanding your target audience and business objectives. We like to call this the starters.

The main meal is where it gets interesting. This is where we dive into the experience your customer expects and how you plan to serve them and stand out.

We get into things like your company culture, brand and story. Because when we know this, we can then create a website that appeals and builds trust with your customers.

So, how do we build trust with customers online?

By delivering the right content at the right time.

This should be at the centre of your new website.

Because when done right, your website can truly become part of your sales team and drive direct bookings and reservations for your business. At scale!

That’s why our websites start with defining your website’s marketing strategy. This includes website architecture, marketing trust elements, website copy, design, SEO and calls-to-action.

Once that’s in place, we begin to lift our little design fingers.

Manage Your Content With Ease

All of our websites are built using WordPress and there’s two major reasons behind this decision:

  1. You own it
  2. Your team can manage your content at ease.

If you don’t have wordpress experience, we do offer wordpress training for teams.

WordPress has really come a long way over the past 10 years, including:

– Custom branded designs

– Ease of use

– Search engines loves wordpress sites

– Full control over your website

– Easily expand your website as your business grows

We love WordPress and we’ll help you to love it too!

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