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WordPress Websites That Sell

Websites Designed To Build Relationships & Sell 

There’s usually two key reasons why any business needs a website:

  1. Build relationships with new and existing customers
  2. Sell products and services

That’s why we place digital marketing ahead of fancy website designs.

It’s easy to create the best looking website in your industry. It’s a lot harder designing a wordpress website that is going to attract the right type of visitors who want to buy from you…even become a long term fan.

In essence, a great website talks to your target audience in the language they understand and gives them the information or products they are looking for quickly.

Think Beyond Your Target Audience

Most website designers will talk to you about your target audience and even your business obectives.

This is just the canapes to a successful website, the starters and mains are yet to come…

Where it gets really interesting (for both of us!) is in understanding your customers problems, questions they ask and most importantly how you serve them.

So, why do we need to know this?

Because your website needs to build trust with your target audience and we can’t help you do that without understanding your business.

This also happens to be our strong points in offering wordpress website design services: we know how to present your business online well.

So, how do we build trust with customers online?

By delivering the Right Content at the Right Time.

That should be at the centre of your new website.

If you happen to already have a website with people visiting you but not enquiring or buying from you, then chances are you need to review this very point.

In fact, when done right, your website can enable to you build trust with potential customers quickly and even reduce your sales journey.

That’s why our websites start with defining your website marketing plan. This includes your site navigation, trust elements, copy, design, SEO and calls-to-action.

Once that’s in place, we begin to lift our design fingers.

I know you visited this page looking for someone that offers website design. But what you really need is a strong online presence that actually grows your sales and brand.

Manage Your Content With Ease

There’s two big reasons why we only build websites using wordpress :

  1. You OWN it.
  2. Managing CONTENT is relatively straightforward once you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t have wordpress experience, we can train you or your team, that’s not a problem.

WordPress has really come a long way over the past 10 years, including:

– Custom branded designs

– Ease of use

– Search engines loves wordpress sites

– Full control over your website

– Easily expand your website as your business grows

We love wordpress and we’ll help you to love it too!

Working with Neil has been an absolute pleasure.

His understanding of SEO is very impressive. What he doesn’t know about SEO is simply not worth knowing.

He also has a great ability to explain SEO, how it works and how to best implement it.

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve google ranking and increase sales.


Founder, Herts Hemp

CASE STUDY: Improving the SEO Architecture and Optimisation Of A Website


Futons was wondering why the SEO work carried out by a previous agency did not translate into higher Google rankings.


By carrying an SEO website and link audit we identified the links to the site were low quality and too few. On top of that, the website had not been optimised for SEO and had too many technical issues.

We started with the website, afterall it’s the starting point to any online presence. Fix the foundation, the rest follows.

  • Carried out keyword research to define exactly the type of searches each page was targetting
  • Reviewed traffic behaviour and click through rate by page to prioritise pages that could be improved to build trust and encourage sales
  • Fixed technical SEO issues (403s, 404s, duplicate metas, etc)


Clearly defined SEO website optimisation plan that builds a strong foundation to then carry out high quality promotion.


“I’ve known Neil for a while and what I admire most is his integrity. If you work with Neil he will present a plan and that will take your business forward. He considers carefully and he will make sure you understand the plan and the expected outcome. Neil is a professional marketer and will not let you down.” – Keith

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