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£30,000 Increase In Monthly E-Commerce Sales Within 3 Months

Problem: E-Commerce security company were heavily reliant on paid traffic and wanted to increase organic sales

Solution: After running a deep crawl of the site and digging into content analysis data, we identified user experience issues, namely with user search to page targetting. By improving the pages users landed on we were able to increase click-through rates and sales, leading to an increase in rankings.

Result: Increase organic sales by an additional £30,000 within 3 months.

20% Increase In Organic Traffic And Online Enquiries (3 months)

50% Increase In Website Traffic and Brand Awareness (12 months)

WOW Content with 800 social media shares, 4 links and Major Conference Citation

Problem: Events company noticed a drop in Google rankings, which lead to a decrease in online enquiries.

Solution: Conducted a SEO content audit to identify opportunities to optimise content for user experience and SEO. Furthermore, implemented a content marketing campaign to earn industry specific links and mentions from authority sites.

Result: Increase organic traffic by 20% and enquiry form completions along with stronger authority online.

Problem: Travel company wanted to start driving more traffic and sales online for their new tour and experience service in London

Solution: Using industry and competitor research, we defined a short term and long term digital marketing strategy, using a mix of Content Marketing, SEO, Digital PR and Facebook Ads.

Result: Approximated 90% increase in website traffic and improved user engagement through better storytelling copy evidenced by the number of time users spent on the site and completed an enquiry form.

Problem: Establish industry authority by creating a wow piece of content that gets shared on social, mentioned and linked to from other websites (to boost SEO) and gets noticed by industry influencers.

Solution: Unique research conducted on the power of Instagram for the hospitality and food businesses. Article was then promoted using paid advertising, social media and influencer outreach.

Result: 800 social media shares, 4 links, citation during a food conference and collaboration opportunity with influencer.

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WOW Content earning industry links and Google ranking for 10+ keywords

Instagram Training For Restaurant Group’s Marketing Team

SEO Optimisation and Fix For Furniture Brand

Problem: E-commerce site was lacking original website content and authority online impacting the website’s SEO and user engagement.

Solution: Find a topic that is widely searched for and create an original WOW piece of content around this topic and share it with bloggers, influencers and industry specific websites.

Result: Engagement significantly increased with users spending over 5 minutes on average, earnt 15+ industry specific links, improved authority and overall increase search traffic by 10% within 3 months.

Problem: Restaurant group found that their marketing team was not effectively using Instagram to attract customers, drive engagement and brand awareness online

Solution: Delivered Instagram marketing training for the marketing team with a focus on creating an Instagram content and engagement strategy

Result: Helped the team to put method to the madness and take a strategic approach to Instagram as opposed to a ticking off a To Do list.

Problem: Client wanted to improve their SEO and found that previous SEO companies had not delivered.

Solution: Conducted industry and keyword research to make website architecture, navigation and SEO optimisation improvements. Once the website’s SEO foundation had been optimised, we began drawing up a content and online promotion plan.

Result: Reduced junk pages, improved SEO architecture and on page SEO

0 – 1,000 Monthly Visitors In 9 Months: Organic Authority Building For New Brand

Problem: Brand new travel services company wanted to start it’s journey online prioritising search presence.

Solution: Started with fully optimising the content across the site and implemented an integrated link building and content campaign to drive high quality and contextual brand links.

Result: Reached 1,000 monthly organic visitors over 9 months, leading to a significant increase in leads and sales online.

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New E-Commerce Website To Improve Performance and Increase Google Ranking

Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation For New Mum Support Business

Migration To New Email Marketing System For UK Bank

Problem: Very slow website performance caused by the website being built on an unsupported platform.

Solution: WordPress website design, website speed optimisation and new SEO optimised copy across the site.

Result: Website performance faster by 9 seconds, improved site security and increase in the organic keywords.

Problem: A baby antenatal client wanted to expand their business online by offering courses online as well as their in person classes.

Solution: Define digital marketing strategy to take the business from 100% physical in person workshops to online presence. Included defining target audience, offer, message, website requirements and digital marketing strategy.

Result: The client’s first sale made prior to launching a new website based on a well researched and presented offer. In turn, providing a strong validation of their new online strategy.

Problem: TSB bank were in the middle of migrating to a new custom email system and required assistance with building out their customer emails for the new platform.

Solution: Take old email templates and convert into HTML using branding guidelines and test email compatibility using email testing software.

Result: HTML templates developed for the client and training provided to digital team to help support project implementation.

55% Increase In Organic Traffic In 10 Months For Highly Specific Niche

Problem: Data integration company were looking for help to get in front of more people looking for data integration advice and help

Solution: Ran a content optimisation and link building campaign to review and enhance content for UX and build authority online.

Result: Increased organic traffic by 55% within 10 months and significantly improved user engagement (user time on site increased by 30 seconds and reduced bounce rate average to 15% from 70%).

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