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Hospitality marketing is an art, make no mistake.
A guest’s journey from web to your hotel bed starts before they even step foot through the door. Every second from buzz to booking must be carefully orchestrated.

The Only Way Online

Passionate about perfect marketing plans, conscientious about content, and savvy when it comes to social media – the Only Way Online believes in tailored answers to your burning business questions.

Having worked in tandem with some of London’s most prestigious hotels, we deliver more than bluff and bravado – we deliver well executed and highly targeted solutions to keep your name in lights and to encourage the bookings to keep on coming.

The hotel industry is changing with the growth of the World Wide Web, brands who don’t keep up, run the risk of falling by the wayside. Together, we can navigate the best path for your business to bloom.

An Overwhelming Task

For hoteliers, this can understandably be overwhelming. Running a hotel takes a well-oiled machine; attending the needs of guests, complex booking systems, checking pricing and paperwork, and managing a happy and productive team – it’s a full-time job and more in itself.

We are ready to take that weight.

A Piece in the Puzzle

When you fold the need for a savvy and sophisticated digital marketing plan into the mix, it becomes a case of spreading your resources thin. At this point, forward thinking hoteliers should seek to carve out a solution to ensure that they can expand their brand to keep up with the competition, while still having the space and time to keep their hotel ticking like clockwork.

Hiring a hotel digital marketing consultant can fulfill that niche like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle.

Building your Presence in the Digital Sphere

From boutique bliss to five-star style, backpacker beds or city apartments –  an effective digital marketing plan helps you to stand out from the crowd. Marketing your hotel is competitive business; with the rise of Airbnb and other sites, it has become even more important to build your presence in the digital sphere, to capture the comfort and imagination of potential guests, and to build a brand that will stand the test of time.

A Very Real ROI

Sometimes, it can be tricky to see the wood through the trees, and hoteliers may find it difficult to garner perspective on an effective marketing plan when they are knee deep in the forest. Bringing in outside help can gift clarity, creativity and craftsmanship to help build an effective strategy that not only works, but nurtures your ROI.

Rather than providing cookie-cutter claims and standardised marketing plans, we take each brand, find their pain points and deliver very real, concrete solutions.

Putting Resources in the Right Place

No doubt, building a marketing plan can be like wading through the mud. Often, hotels have defined budgets and working out where to allocate resources can be a gamble at best. Should you put money into Facebook ads or throw funds at content creation? Is pay-per-click worth the investment? Where do you invest best to get organic growth? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg and there is no definitive one size fits all answer.

By working closely with a digital marketing consultant, you can form a strategy that ensures you are channeling your financial resources in the right direction.

Inside the Algorithms

The rules and rhythms are constantly changing in the world of SEO and social media, and for those not completely immersed in this world and its regulations, it’s all too easy to lose your grasp and get drowned out by the competition. There are timeless digital marketing plans and there is time sensitive and trending digital marketing plans.

Having someone on the inside of the algorithms, keeps you looped in and producing the right kind of content for the search engine giant’s, your audience, and the social media crowds.

Social Media; More Than a Buzz

Social Media is so much more than a buzz word, in-fact its one of the major game changers and challenges the hotel industry faces. From your well-informed Facebook posts to inspiring Instagram headers, tantalizing tweets and Pinterest – there are so many channels and methods of reaching out. Yet, social media is a delicate balancing act between life and death; it’s an open platform which means that around the clock damage control is needed should any disgruntled person feel the need to bad-mouth your business.

Having some form of social media management can keep your name clean and pristine.

Utilising the Right Platforms

Another major social media challenge can be understanding how to utilize those platforms for the very best ROI. Content can carry you far, but it’s unraveling which kind of content shared and spread over which kinds of platforms will carry you the furthest.

The aim is always to get potential guests spiraling down the sales funnel, and for this – hotel’s need a more cohesive plan.

Bringing Direct Bookings

Direct bookings for hotels can be akin to finding the holy grail. The business is wound tight, and everyone knows that big booking sites have the monopoly.

Direct bookings are something every successful hotelier should want to grasp; they save you money, help with organic and rich SEO, push your name forward via word of mouth recommendations, and they help you to stay in contact with the customer.

Our hotel marketing strategies can help to analyze your customer journey, track your conversions, and create a strategy to increase direct reservations.

Cutting Through the Noise

For hoteliers seeking help from a digital marketing consultant, you don’t just want a bunch of buzz and big data thrown at you, you want a plan that cuts through the noise. It’s always helpful having an industry expert highlight exactly where your gaps are, especially as they are usually able to step back from the business and see it with fresh eyes and a decluttered mind.

Once, the weaknesses have been highlighted, you also want someone who is going to deliver on the solutions.

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