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Putting Your Best Online Foot Forward

First step to doing SEO, is by getting your website ready for your target customers.

You may have thought we were going to say, “optimise your website for SEO”. But, that’s part of it. SEO is much more nowadays.

That’s how our SEO services in London differ from our competitors.

We don’t want to attract more people to visit you online, if they don’t want to book a room, table or one of your services.

That’s why we spend time getting to know your potential target audience and ensuring everything on your site from copy, content, navigation, images, speed, etc, leads to an AMAZING user experience.

Good User Experience = Search Engines Valuing Your Website.

Question: Why would Google recommend a website that people leave immediately?

Answer: They wouldn’t.

Sharing Your Story & Expertise

Next, by understanding your audience and what they’re interested in we can help you to create a blogging and content strategy for your business.

Enter, Content Marketing.

Content marketing let’s you share your story, expertise and build relationships online at scale.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s going around offline.

Because when it comes to hospitality, restaurants and event businesses, there’s plenty happening in the real world. People visiting your venue, weddings, proposals and arranging exhibitions to name a few.

These are really good examples of potential seed content and why we love doing content marketing.

Imagine you’re holding or helping to manage a big event. With every event, there’s loads to do. From understanding the requirements, planning out the setup, communication and coordination with the team, managing the event and ensuring guests are left delighted.

This is actually really good content you could share with your target audience online on your blog or an industry blog. Not only does it give them an insight into company, it shows the quality of your work.

You could share the entire story from the very beginning including the background of the event, who attending, key highlights and what needed to be done to ensure it’s success.

To take it a step further, we could tag people who attended your event on Instagram, share images and keep the conversation going.

This is why we look at the big picture of your campaign and create an overall content strategy.

When done right, content marketing helps you to attract your audience, build relationships online and even boost your SEO through targeted content promotion.

Online PR Is How You Do Competitive SEO

Using our knowledge of your target audience and your business, we help you to get in front of the right influencers, featured in the right places and promote your content through targeted outreach and social media.

Sharing your expertise online is how we help you to build relationships, grow your social media and ultimately boost your SEO rankings. That has been the basis of Neil’s SEO campaigns for the past 8 years.

Have you noticed something? You came here to see how you can get higher up in Search Engines, but we’re talking about much more.

Because when SEO is done the right way, it looks a lot like doing digital PR.  Digital PR can lead to traffic from a number of different sources, for example: direct traffic from websites you have been featured on, industry influencers talking about your content, social media going crazy (in a good way) about your business and more.

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media should all work together in harmony to achieve a strong online presence.

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